Fofone Agbolan

Coordinator Project Nima, Ghana

My name is Agbolan Fofone. I am 19 years old. I am from Togo. I live in Nima, Ghana. The reasons why I want to be a Project Nima ambassador is that I want to achieve knowledge and use it to change the world to become a better place in future. And also I want to be a Project Nima ambassador because in Project Nima we share ideas together and we also have each other feelings and we care for people. We listen to each other and we ask each other questions because we care to hear that persons feelings and opinions. I want Project Nima to develop in the future because with the help of education Project Nima can help minimize corruption in the world. I want Project Nima to be the best organization in future.

Foto: Paulina Westerlind


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