Christina Wenngren

Secretary General, Founder

Christina holds a Master degree in Political Science from Lund University with focus on Human Trafficking and International Criminal Law. She has also studied International Criminal Policy at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Since 2011, Christina has worked within the field of organized crime prevention and has lectured internationally, written papers and co-authored a book within the subject. She has worked for several different international organisations with the prevention of Human Trafficking and Forced Labour, focusing mainly on Europe and West-Africa and been a member of EU- expert groups on trafficking. Currently she is based at the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Stockholm, Sweden.

During her MA-studies Christina had an internship at the International Organization for Migration in Accra, Ghana, and wanted to stay some of the time in a slum area. Emmanuel K. Aheto, a resident of Nima, offered her a shed to stay. When he passed away a few months later Christina wanted to honour his fight for the slum-children and came up with the idea of Project Nima.

Christina also has a career as a fashion model and has worked all over Europe and in the US.
Foto: Ivan da Silva


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