Emile Kwablah Afeavor

Country Manager Ghana

From my youngest time I already planned and decided that my mission in life is to help people in need. I’m proud to be a member of Project Nima because we share the same visions and it is exactly what I want to do.
I like the way how Project Nima is teaching the children how important it is that we come together in the world through our dreams and core values, not nationality, religion or colour. Because what brings us together is deeper than that.
When I first moved to Nima from the Volta Region, I lived on the street. I used to beg trotro-drivers to let me clean their cars when they came back from work in change for sleeping a few hours inside of them. In that way I was able to sleep safe. But I worked hard and tried to see opportunities.
I want Project Nima to become one of the biggest organisations in the future and to have more branches in different countries.
Foto: Paulina Westerlind


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