Support us - How the organisation is growing


We are currently strengthening the Swedish ambassador's group to become as strong as the one we already see in Ghana. In June 2020, ten of Ghana's ambassadors will come to Sweden to participate in joint education. This training is important for building integration bridges between different areas in both Ghana and Sweden.

The project has received a lot of attention in both Sweden and Ghana, and especially from schools in some of the more vulnerable areas of the countries. These schools have, as we have seen, that Project Nima's methods are a powerful tool for creating integration bridges between different groups in society. The project creates a solidarity by helping others.

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Private individuals

Right now we are seeking financial support for the study trip. We also want to invest more in our ambassador groups in Sweden.

There are many other ways to help.

Volunteer - We are looking for volunteers to write a marketing plan, food for the ambassadors during the study trip, accommodation, artists to Mora Parken. Artwork or other prices to be auctioned during the event on Fotografiska June 1st

Donate - Join the Project Nima family, donate any amount via Swish 900 51 33

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Sponsor - SEK 1500 pays an exposed child's school year. The money goes in full to pay a child's, where parents are not able to pay, school fees.

Swish 900 51 33

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With the help of sponsors in Sweden, Project Nima has started a sponsorship program in Nima where we help especially vulnerable children to go to school. The fee is SEK 1500 per year

It is also the ambassadors who fill in all forms in the sponsorship program. This is how it works:

1. First, the child is enrolled in Project Nima's sponsorship program. Information about the child and contact details for guardians will be filled in. An ambassador, a responsible adult and Project Nima's CEO or Deputy CEO must sign for the paper to be valid.
2. At each start of the semester, the guardian receives 180 ghana cedi from Project Nima. You then sign a paper stating that you have taken out 180 ghana cedi and that you must come back with a receipt from the school on paid school fees within a week from today's date. If this is not done, the child is removed from the sponsorship program. The document is signed by a Project Nima ambassador and one of Project Nima's adult volunteers.
3. Within a week, the custodian will return with the receipt that is stapled together with the paper mentioned above. An adult from Project Nima Staff then signs at the bottom that the money has been handed over and the child remains in the program.

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