Project nima

If you don’t learn to dream as a child, dreaming as an adult becomes even more difficult and an adult without dreams cannot create a change in the world

About Project Nima

Project Nima, based in both Ghana and Sweden, is not a traditional charity. We focus on exchanges, building bridges and friendships as well as helping each other. For us, it is about giving to each other, that which we have to offer. No matter who you are or where you live, you can be an actor of change. With an emphasis on knowledge, recognition and friendship, Project Nima works with children for children, to strengthen their sense of self-worth. Together, we strive for everyone’s right to dream and to be free – something that cannot be taken for granted.

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In both Ghanaian and Swedish schools, we work mostly through dialogue with the children. We talk about human rights and aspects that unite us all no matter what our backgrounds are. We discuss how all lives matter and how we together can make a change in the world.

Our ambition is also to build more schools and libraries in Nima and in other vulnerable areas throughout Ghana. Through this, we aim to develop a ‘centre of knowledge’ for sustainable development and human rights. However, if the children do not believe in themselves and are afraid of making their dreams come true, these projects cannot and will not be successful. We therefore put a strong emphasis on dreams and hopes in our workshops. Our goal is to make the world a better place, focusing on possibilities instead of obstacles.

We can all create happiness and we can all make a change

We want to create possibilities for dreams

Through various projects, also aiming to prevent child trafficking, Project Nima works for the right of all children to be free. In the slums, trafficking in human beings thrives on poverty. The schools in Nima are located in areas very prone to human trafficking. In collaboration with former victims of trafficking, we raise awareness about this dreadful situation.


Project Nima was founded in 2011 by Christina Wenngren. Whilst writing her master’s thesis on child trafficking in Ghana, Christina lived in the infamous slum of Nima in Accra. To Christina, it seemed vital to implement a grassroots approach to research on child trafficking.

In Nima, Christina met Emmanuel, a former victim of child trafficking, who was fighting for children’s rights in Ghana. Emmanuel and his three daughters offered Christina a place to stay in their shed, where they also lived. When Christina insisted on paying rent, Emmanuel simply answered “We need to help each other, that’s the only way for humanity to move forward”. Three months later Emmanuel passed away, only at the age of 43. Despite hospitalization, Emmanuel unfortunately never received the care he needed. In honour of Emmanuel, Christina wanted to continue his good natured and admirable work. Emmanuel’s words “Everyone can make a change in the world, no matter where you are or where you come from” then became the founding inspiration for our organisation, Project Nima.