My Special Day

For Project Nima, charity is a two way road. We wanted the children in Nima to experience the same happiness as the children in Sweden do, when they help the children in Ghana through collecting clothes, toys and money for charity.

We believe that when helping others, our compassion and feeling of self-worth grows stronger. Once we realize that our actions make a difference, it strengthens our understanding of self-belief.

Most of the children in the slums of Nima, are taught not to believe in themselves since the day they are born. It is crucial that these children develop a sense of self-worth and belief in themselves.

With regard to this as well as in their aim to make the world a better place, our ambassadors in Nima (composed by the children attending middle school) have chosen to support My Special Day in Sweden.

By selling bracelets they have made themselves, the ambassadors collect money that they donate to charities such as My Special day in Sweden. The ambassadors are very engaged in the project and we have also witnessed a tremendous change among the children in how they believe in themselves.

”No one can do everything, that would be too much, too big. But everyone can do something and if everyone in the world would do something small for someone..well then all the small things become one very big thing. That is why it is so important that everyone does something”

– Samira 11 years old, Nima, Ghana